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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Why a maths Inquiry?

By the end of my first year in teaching I would have said that Maths was my best subject. However, as I have inquired into my practice throughout the years, I have worked very hard at upping my game in both reading and writing:

  • An Honours dissertation with the University of Auckland in Reading 
  • And a Spark-MIT inquiry into Writing

Because of this, I believe both reading and writing are overtaking my maths teaching, and so we have come FULL CIRCLE! Therefore this year I am going to be inquiring into my maths programme!

One area I think I can target for improvement is the rewind ability of my teaching, and therefore the usefulness of my maths follow-up.  However, I don't want follow-up to be the main focus as I have looked into this before. To begin with I want to use an app called Educreations  and record my maths teaching so that my learners can access my teaching after their group lesson has ended.
I also want to try and create cross domain understanding by making connections with past/current learning i.e. Add/sub to decimals, and mult/div to frac/prop/ratio.

Our whole school is focussing on Maths as an inquiry this year, which means we will be doing extra PD in maths as a whole staff. I'm really excited to be able to learn from and inquire alongside my colleagues throughout the year.

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